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Examination Office

The examination office is, amongst other things, responsible for the administration of your exam results, issuing certificates and registering your thesis. 

Before contacting the examination office directly, please check if your question is answered on our examination matters page! There, you can also find our contact details. 

Cognitive Science Program Coordinator and Dean of Studies

In addition to the examination office and the Cognitive Science Mentoring Team, the program coordinator and dean of studies, Dr. Dr. Gregor Hörzer, is your contact person for questions regarding the programs of the teaching unit "Cognitive Science". 

The office hours take place on Mondays from 10-12 a.m. in room 50/E04 (right next to the examination office). To book an appointment, please register in Stud.IP for the course Consultation Hour Dean of Studies Cognitive Science and book an appointment via the tab "Terminvergabe". When booking an appointment, please briefly state which issue you would like to discuss at the appointment.

For office hours online, please request an appointment by email.

Examination Board

One of the examination board's responsibilities is to guarantee the conduction of examinations. You can find a list of the board members here. 

Mailing Lists

To keep up to date with what is happening at the institute, hear about opportunities for student jobs or participation in studies, and be updated on examination matters we highly recommend you to register for the Master mailing list: 


Mentoring Team

Besides the student advisory service, there is also a mentoring program. Experienced students support freshmen and offer advice on all questions concerning their studies. Contact and information here.

Moreover, the beginning of the first year of study is accompanied by tutorials held by senior students under the guidance of the lecturer. This provides assistance to newcomers and promotes cooperation between students.

We especially encourage international students participating in the Master Program to act as tutors for first-year students to promote intercultural exchange.

The International Office helps and supports students from abroad in all matters of daily life.

Integration of International Students

See Advisory for International Students.

The International Student's Office offers a program aimed at the optimal integration of international students in Osnabrück. 

We especially encourage international students participating in the Master Program to act as tutors for first-year students to promote intercultural exchange.

Online Master Programme OS-COSMOS 

If you have any specific questions regarding the OS-COSMOS programme, please contact the OS-COSMOS team via e-mail:

Semester Abroad

We celebrate the interdisciplinary nature of Cognitive Science! While it is not mandatory to go abroad during your Master studies, we can only recommend it. Ideally you will choose a universitiy or institution with a Cognitive Science program or a program in one of its module areas. Scholarships can be applied for, e.g. with the ERASMUS+ program. Additionally, we strongly advice you to get in contact with the study abroad coordinator to discuss the placement of your semester abroad within your Master studies. Find contact details and more information under Semester Abroad

11 October 2023:
ATTENTION: We will not be accepting applications until further notice.

Joint Master Degree Program: Osnabrück - Trento/Rovereto

  • The Osnabrück Cognitive Science Institute and the Trento Cognitive Science Faculty have recently formed a joint Master's degree program in Cognitive Science. 
  • Beginning in October 2005 students from Osnabrück and students from Trento have had the opportunity to study at the partner university for two semesters. This exchange results in a joint Master degree from both universities providing career opportunities in an integrated Europe. 
  • Trento and Osnabrück are the only universities in their respective countries offering Bachelor, Master's and PhD programs in Cognitive Science. The Cognitive Science programs in Trento and in Osnabrück are ideal complements: While in Osnabrück the focus is on Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Neuroscience and Philosophy, the Trento program focuses on Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, Social Sciences and Mathematics.  
  • The Cognitive Science faculty of Trento is part of the Rovereto branch which combines the studies of technology and cognitive science, information technology, communication and humanistic culture. It is located in Rovereto, a town about 25km south of Trento.  
  • The exchange study at the partner university will be planned for the second year of the Master's studies but can be tailored to the student's individual needs. For more information contact Petra Dießel. As places are limited please contact her in due time.

See also the University of Trento's website of the DD program.

Students should be aware of the following guidelines:

  • The double degree is only available to M.Sc. Students in Cognitive Science
  • UOS students have to complete their 1st year of studies in Osnabrück before starting their 2nd year in Trento 
  • UOS students have to complete their study project before going to Trento
  • UOS students can only start their studies in Trento in the winter term (!)
  • An English proficiency of B2 or higher is required
  • UOS students must have at least 50 credits completed at UOS before going to Trento; in the 2nd year (while in Trento) students have to take the remaining courses and write their master thesis.
You can apply for the Double Degree via the official outgoing website:
Do not upload the requested documents, just upload blank pages. Print the application, write a half-page motivational letter and send it to Universität Osnabrück, Petra Dießel (50/E19), Wachsbleiche 27, 49092 Osnabrück. Find the deadline on the ERASMUS-pages.
For more information please contact Petra Dießel ( Also see "Bewerbungsverfahren ERASMUS")