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Support for your semester abroad

Petra Dießel (50/E19)
Institute of Cognitive Science
Mobility Office
Wachsbleiche 27
D-49090 Osnabrück
Tel.: +49 541 969-3355

The office is closed in the afternoons and on Fridays (part-time job).


Mon and Tues via BBB 9 - 11 am (appointment needed)

Wed and Thurs in the office (9 - 11 am), room 50/E19

(Online) Learning Agreements:

Cancellation of office hours:

Thursday, 15.02.2024 (ERASMUS selection)
Wednesday, 14.03.2024 - Monday, 01.04.2024 (Easter holiday)

Your first step towards your semester abroad....

... see Petra Dießel in our Mobility Office (50/E19), Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9 and 11 a.m. (no appointment needed) or on Mondays and Tuesdays via phone, email or BBB between 9 and 11 a.m. (appointment needed).

Please do not miss this opportunity. An appointment takes about 20 minutes and you will hear more details, find out about other opportunities and get more confident.

Your possibilities for your semester abroad:

Studies via ERASMUS+ (studying within Europe via Cogsci partner universities)
Studies via University Co-operations (studying worldwide via UOS partner universities)
Internships (organized by you, support via ERASMUS in Europe possible; DAAD programs)


General presentation: Your possibilities for a semester abroad

The Mentoring Team has created a presentation with a suggested timeline for planning the semester abroad.

Going abroad as freemover: Video from a semester abroad in South Africa

What is a freemover?