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Laura Krieger

PHD Student


Room 50/216

Institute of Cognitive Science,
Wachsbleiche 27,
49090 Osnabrück, Germany

Research Interests

For me, neuroinformatics provides the opportunity to research the human brain and to better understand it. Using this knowledge to develop and improve e.g. deep learning applications that further promote the understanding of healthy or abnormal brain activity creates a fascinating circle of research areas. Furthermore, I am interested in different ways to communicate and share our research and knowledge. This includes teaching university classes and workshops for middleschool students, as well as our recently created Youtube Channel

Current Project

I am working on the Traumschreiber, a low cost, mobile EEG-device, developed here in the NI research group. My goal is to improve the signal quality and spatial resolution of the device by applying different Deep Learning architectures. With the Traumschreiber, users will be facilitated to perform high quality EEG recordings independent from (potentially un-)available medical infrastructure.