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Jasmin L. Walter

PhD student
Room 50/207

Institute of Cognitive Science,Wachsbleiche 27,49090 Osnabrück, Germany


Research Interests

For me, using different research methodologies like eye tracking, virtual reality and EEG in combination with computational modelling techniques is especially interesting to investigate cognition and better understand cognitive phenomenon. Specifically, I am interested in investigating visual behavior in complex situations to better understand the underlying cognitive processing, for example in spatial navigation or social interaction.


Current Projects


Graph theoretical analysis of eye tracking data recorded in complex VR cities to investigate spatial navigation

Eye tracking data recorded in virtual reality with freedom of movement require new analysis approaches. In this project, we propose a new method to quantify characteristics of visual behavior by applying graph-theoretical measures to eye tracking data. Using this methodology, we investigate visual behavior during free exploration of a virtual city and assess global spatial navigation characteristics.


Adapting the rational speech act framework for visual interaction

In this project, we investigate whether the rational speech act framework also applies to non-verbal, more specifically, visual interaction and communication.


Research Gate


Walter, J. L., Essmann, L., König, S. U., & König, P. (2022). Finding landmarks -  An investigation of viewing behavior during spatial navigation in VR using a graph-theoretical analysis approach. (accepted by PLOS Computational Biology)