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Lab Rotation


General information:

For general information on the interdisciplinary course "Lab Rotation" please check out Stud.IP, course no. 8.3017


NBP-specific information:


What you will do and learn in our lab:

You will get an introduction into the standard procedure of eye tracking methods and analyses. This includes a short experiment where you need to record participants' eye movements. After recording a certain amount of participants, you will learn how to interpret and analyze the gathered data.

More specific, the Lab Rotation week will include the following:

  • set up a head mounted eye tracking system
  • perform experiments with real participants
  • extract and handle relevant information from recorded data
  • analyze data according to standard eye tracking parameters (fixation duration, saccades, ...)


Duration and obligation:

  • 1 week of practical work (as outlined above)
  • A written report (2 pages) summarizing what you have learned during your lab week


Availabe dates:

To be scheduled individually with the supervisor!



50/115 (eye tracking lab)


Supervisor (name and contact details):

Johannes Solzbacher


What you should bring along (not necessarily, but highly recommended):

  • basic MATLAB skills
  • basic knowledge in using simple statistical tests (we use SPSS for analysis)
  • patience; being able to set up the eye tracking cameras will need some training


Entry self-test:

Please download this test here and try to solve the given exercises BEFORE contacting us. This is a reliable way for both yourself and us to find out, if you meet our lab week's requirements and will be able to perform the tasks successfully.


How to write your report at the end of your lab week:

  • Brief introduction: just 2-3 sentences about the experiment
  • Methods: This should explain in detail, what you did during the measurements and analysis. State the used equipment, the method of eye tracking (calibration, validation etc.) For analysis write down how and why (!) you filtered the data and extracted the parameters.
  • Results/conclusion: Specify the output of the analysis (t-test, ANOVAs) and interpret them.

The report should be 2-4 pages in total (excluding plots and cover page).
Please note: The time frame between last measurement of the data and first meeting with the lab rotation supervisor for analysis should be no more than 4 weeks. If you exceed this deadline, we have to subtract rating points, which will influence your final grade.


Summary of action items:


  1. Check out the general information on Stud.IP, course no. 8.3017.
  2. Download the entry self-test and try to solve the exercises.
  3. Contact the lab rotation supervisor for an appointment to discuss the self-test and to check, if your prefered lab week slot is still free.
  4. Do your lab week.
  5. Write a report and send it to both Prof. König and the lab rotation supervisor.
  6. Hand in your "Laufzettel" (routing card) to the nbp office to get your grade and Prof. König's signature.


If you need any further clarification or beforehand-information, you may also contact Prof. König.